Following a recommended auto or truck maintenance schedule can help keep your vehicle reliable and maintain its resale value. Maintenance schedules are developed by each manufacturer to highlight the recommended minimum maintenance requirements for a particular model. In most cases, completing this minimum recommended maintenance is necessary to keep a vehicle's warranty in good standing.

If, for any reason, your maintenance history does not meet or exceed the recommended minimums, you may have warranty claims denied by the manufacturer. If this happens, you may have to pay out of pocket for costly repairs. Regularly completing scheduled maintenance items like oil changes, filter changes and tune-ups can also keep your vehicle performing smoothly and getting good fuel economy.

Perhaps the most important reason to follow an auto maintenance schedule is to preserve the resale value of your vehicle. While all vehicles depreciate on an ongoing basis, completing recommended maintenance can help raise the resale value of your vehicle. Whether you foresee selling to a dealership or a private party, having proof of all completed maintenance on the vehicle can increase the value of your vehicle. Some car buyers are fanatical about maintenance, and closely following an auto maintenance schedule will appease them. From the dealership's end, a vehicle with a good maintenance record is easier to make a certified pre-owned vehicle. Whether you have scheduled maintenance completed at the dealership or an independent mechanic, be sure to save all documentation relating to maintenance items and other repairs in order to keep the warranty intact and raise the resale value of the vehicle.

We offer a full line of mechanical repairs for most all year make and models. Engines, timing belts, clutches, brakes, radiators, wheel bearings, struts and shocks. We offer help for that pesky noise that always goes away when you bring it to a shop.

And We are probably the only shop to offer carburetor rebuilds and vintage automotive repair. Some of our other specialty services include:


For drivers of manual transmissions, taking care of the clutch is a must-do. The clutch can last from four years till seven-year, but if the car shows signs of the clutch slipping up then you need to get it checked. The known symptoms of a slipping Clutch are: Poor mileage | The need to downshift more regularly when going up the hill | The engine makes revving noises and starts moving when stopped | It is getting tougher to use the clutch | See if the clutch is properly adjusted, about half an inch of free play should be there when you put your feet on it lightly.


Here at Motorworks Northwest, Inc we provide high-quality replacement engines & transmissions if repairs are not the right option for you.

Remanufactured engines and transmissions by JASPER Engines provide a 3 YR | 100,000 mile nationwide, transferable parts and labor warranty.

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jasper logo associate ownedHere at Motorworks Northwest, Inc, we recommend JASPER® Engines & Transmissions for any engine, transmission, or differential replacements as they simply are the best product with the best warranty available in the industry.  

Top 4 Reasons JASPER® Engines Leads the Industry:

1. PROVEN, an Industry leader since 1942 with engines, transmissions & differentials throughout the USA. For more than 75 years continually "Perfecting the Art of Remanufacturing".
2. QUALITY,  JASPER® remanufactured products exceed factory specifications and improve OEM inherent design flaws with updated parts and precise machining.  
3. CONTINUALLY TESTING & IMPROVING, Live run computer-assisted testing to assure trouble-free performance and peace of mind for their customers who depend on it with a Research & Design team looking to improve the process.  



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